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Bejo Duka

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a) Articles:

B.Duka, K. Peqini, A. De Santis, F.J. Pavon Carrasco, Using "domino" model to study the secular variation of the geomagnetic dipolar moment, Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 242 (2015), 9 - 23.

B. Dalipi, B. Duka, Enhanced ion-acoustic spectra and electron percipitation in the ionsphere(in Albanian), Bulletin of Natural Sciences, Nr. 16, Maj 2014

E. Qamili, A. De Santis, A. Isac, M. Mandea, B. Duka, Geomagnetic jerks as chaotic fluctuations of the Earth's magnetic field, Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems G3, Volume 14, Number 4 12 April 2013.

B. Duka, A. De Santis M. Mandea, A. Isac and E. Qamili,Geomagnetic jerks characterization via spectral analysis, Solid Earth, 3, 131 - 148, 2012

F. J. Lowes and B. Duka, Magnetic multipole moments (Gauss coefficients) and vector potential given by an arbitrary current distribution, Earth Planets Space, 63, i - vi, 2011.

E. Qamili, A. De Santis, G. Cianchini, B.Duka, L. R. Gaya-Pique, G.Dominici, Two geomagnetic regional models for Albania and south-east Italy from 1990 to 2010 with prediction to 2012and comparison with IGRF-11, Earth Planets Space, 62, 833 - 841, 2010

B. Duka, N. Hyka, Using Neural Networks for the geomagnetic field prediction, Annals of Geophysics, Vol. 51, N. 5/6, October/December 2008.

B. Duka, C. Ferrario, A. Passerini, S. Piva, Non-linear approximations for natural convection in a horizontal annulus , International Journal of Nonlinear Mechanics, 42 (2007), p. 1055-1061

B. Duka, A. De Santis, L. Gaya-Pique, On the modelling of a Geomagnetic Reference Field for the Balkan region , Geomagnetic for Aeronautic Safety, NATO Proceedings, p. 83-95, 2006 Springer, printed in Netherlands

B. Duka, Attempt at solving the induction equation of kinematic dynamo in an analytical way, Albanian Journal of Natural and Technical Sciences, Tirana, Nr. 16, p. 11-21, 2005

B.Duka, A. De Santis, L. Pique, M. Chiappini, S. Bushati, G. Dominici, A geomagnetic reference model for Albania, Southern Italy and the Ionian Sea from 1990 to 2005, Annals of Geophysics, Vol. 47, N. 5, p. 1609-1615, October 2004.

Z. Mulaj, B. Duka, Some visualized demonstrations for teaching physics in School(in Albanian), Journal of the Institute of didactic studies: "Curricula and School" (in Albanian), Nr. 2, p. 27-32, Tirana, 2003.

B.Duka , Could be the rotation of Earth's Inner Core as the cause of dipolar magnetic field generation? Il Nuovo Cimento, Vol. 22 C, N. 2, p. 191-205, 1999.

B. Duka, The different rotation of Inner Core and Outer Core of the Earth as the origin of dipolar magnetic field, Albanian Journal of Natural and Technical Sciences, Tirana, Nr. 5, p. 59-70, 1998.

B. Duka, Comparison of different methods of Analyses of Satellite Geomagnetic Anomalies over Italy, Annali di Geofisca , Vol. 41, N. 1, p. 49-61, 1998.

M. Chiappini, O. Batteli, S. Bushati, G. Dominici, B. Duka, A. Meloni, The Albanian Geomagnetic Repeat Station Network at 1994.75 J. Geomag. Geoelectr., N. 49, p. 701-707, 1997.

F. J. Lowes, A. De Santis, B. Duka, A discussion of uniqueness of Laplacian potential when given only partial field information on a sphere , Geophysics Journal International, N. 121, p. 579-584, 1995.

B. Duka, A numerical experiment on the spherical harmonic analysis of Core and Crustal geomagnetic field, Annali di Geofisica Vol.XXXVI, Nr. 5-6, p. 55-67, 1993.

B. Duka, Comment on Non-Curl-Free Geomagnetic Field , Il Nuovo Cimento Vol. 15 C, Nr. 2, p. 251-252, 1992.

B. Duka, S. Bushati, The normal geomagnetic field and IGRF over Albania, Bolletino di Geofisica Teorica ed Applicata, Vol.XXXIII, N. 130-131, p. 129-134, 1991.

B. Duka, N. Likaj, A mathematical model of apparent resistivity and induced polarization(in Albanian), Bulletin of Natural Sciences, Nr. 3, p. 93-102, 1990.

L. Lubonja, A. Frasheri, B. Duka, R. Avxhiu, P. Alikaj, A propos de la profondeur de prospection electrometrique effectue dans les puits (in Albanian), Bulletin of Geological sciences, N. 3, p. 33-52, 1985.

B. Duka, A model of electric and magnetic field in a medium with oxido-reduction variable (in Albanian), Bulletin of Natural Sciences, Nr.2, p.43-48, Tirana 1983.

A. Frasheri, B. Duka, N. Frasheri, Calculation of the magnetic field generated by a polarized sphere (in Albanian), Bulletin of Natural Sciences, Nr.2, p. 38-50, 1981.

A. Frasheri, B. Duka, R. Liço, N. Frasheri, Theoretical model of electrical fields over Oil and Gas basin (in Albanian), Oil and Gas, Nr.1, p. 97-112, Fier, 1981.

B. Duka, Parametric resonance (in Albanian), Physics and Mathematics in School, Nr. 3 , Tirana 1979.

b) International Conference Papers and Seminars:

- "Comparison of the dipolar magnetic field generated by two Ising-like models", K. Peqini, B. Duka, European Geosciences UnionGeneral Assembly 2015 Vienna | Austria | 12 - 17 April 2015

- "Applying 'domino' model to study dipolar geomagnetic field reversals and secular variation", K.Peqini and B. Duka, European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2014 Vienna | Austria | 27 April - 02 May 2014

- "Numerical experiments on the natural convection of the fluids between coaxial cylinders and concentric spheres", B. Duka, E. Rexhepi, Training Seminar on HP Computing in Polytechnic University of Tirana, 30 May 2013.

- "Studi nel campo di Geomagnetismo in Albania, prospettive collegate con il progetto MEM e con il progetto IPA", B. Duka, IV Scientific Meeting of the Project MEM, Campobasso (Italy), 8 June 2010.

- "Spectral analysis of the geomagnetic field temporal variations", B. Duka, presented in the 11th Scientific Assembly of the International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy, Sopron – Hungary, August 23-30, 2009

- "Quadrupolar moments of the geomagnetic field and Gauss coefficients", B. Duka, EGU (European Geophysical Uniion) 2008, Vienna-Austria, April 2008

- "Using neural networks to study the geomagnetic field evolution", B. Duka, N. Hyka, the IUGG XXIV General Assembly, Perugia, Italy, July 2-13, 2007.

- "A revised geomagnetic model for Albania, south-east Italy from 1988 to 2006 with prediction to 2010" Qamili E. , A. De Santis , L. R. Gaya-Pique , B. Duka , L. Cafarella, presented in EGU 2007 Conference, Vienna, Austria, April 2007.

- "Confronto dei risultati di diversi modelli della variazione secolare a L"Aquila" , B. Duka, the 2nd Meeting of scientific project MEM, Ferrara,Italy, 1 December 2006.

- "Sugli studi in geoelettricita e geomagnismo in Albania e prospettive collegate con il progetto MEM", B. Duka, 1st Meeting of scientific project MEM, L'Aquila, Italy, 3 November 2005.

- "Modeling the geomagnetic field at different observatories with nonlinear dynamical system of equations", B. Duka, the 10th Scientific Assembly of the International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy, July 18-29, 2005, Toulouse - France

- "On the Modeling of A Geomagnetic Reference Field For The Balkan Region", B. Duka, "NATO Advanced Research Workshop-New data for the magnetic field in the Republic of Macedonia for enhanced flying and airport safety", May 2005, Ohrid - Macedonia

- "Reform of curricula in physics department", B. Duka, "Conferenza Italo-Albanese "Università : ieri, oggi, domani ", Tirana, Albania, November 2003.

- "Using Java Applets in physics teaching", B. Duka, the workshop "Web Enabling Technologies & Strategies for Scientific e-Learning", ICTP, Trieste, Italy, April 2004.

- "Reform of curricula in physics department", B. Duka, "Conferenza Italo-Albanese "Università : ieri, oggi, domani ", Tirana, Albania, November 2003.

- "Curricula development in the Physics Department of Tirana University", B. Duka, the European Session: "Teaching physics: a European confrontation", Centre de Physique des Houches , France , June 2002.

- "Dynamics of the fluid of Outer Core of the Earth", B. Duka, seminar in the Department of Physics of University of Ferrara , Italy , February 2002.

- "Geomagnetic field reinforcement by the different rotation of Inner Core and Mantle", B. Duka, the IVth General Conference of the Balkan Physics Union, Veliko Terno, Bulgaria, 2000.

- "The differential rotation of Inner and Outer Core as the cause of Geomagnetic Field Generation", B. Duka, the 9th Scientific Assembly of IUGG , Birmingham , United Kingdom, August 1999.

- "Comparison of different methods of analyses of satellite geomagnetic anomalies over Italy ", B. Duka, the 8th Scientific Assembly of IAGA, Uppsala , Sweden , June 1997.

- "Modelli di riferimento del campo geomagnetico regionale a consistenza fisica e geometrica", B. Duka, the 16th Convegno Nazionale di Gruppo Nazionale di Geofisica della Terra Solida, Atti del Roma, 11 - 13 Novembre 1997, Italy.

- "The Albanian magnetic network" (in Italian), Publication of Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica, Rome, Italy, 1996.

- "A mathematical modeling of apparent resistivity and induced polarization" , B. Duka, the 1st General Conference of the Balkan Physical Union , Thessaloniki , Greece ,1991

c) Textbooks (in Albanian):

- B. Duka, "Mekanika Klasike", botim i INFBOTUES, Tirana 2013
- B. Duka, "Njohuri mbi kompjuterin, Windows-in dhe Internetin", botimi i PEGI, Tirana 2004
- " Problems on Classical Mechanics" (in Albanian), PEGI, Tirana 2006.
- "Knowledge on Computer, Windows, Internet" (in Albanian). PEGI, Tirana, 2004.
- "A short course of Classical Theoretical Mechanics", (in Albanian), SHBLU Tirana, 2004.
- "Physics for Computer Sciences students", (in Albanian), Tirana , 2004.
- "Physics 1" , (in Albanian- 2d edition), SHBLU, Tirana, 2003
- "Computational Physics", (in Albanian), SHBLU, Tirana, 2001
- "Physics I" , (in Albanian), SHBLU, Tirana, 1988 .
- "Problems on Theoretical Mechanics", (in Albanian), SHBLU, Tirana, 1991
- "Theoretical Mechanics", (in Albanian), SHBLU, Tirana, 1989
- "Exercises and problems on General Physics" , (in Albanian), UT, Tirana ,1981 .

d) Other publications

- "New curricula for graduate & postgraduate studies in Physics" (English and Albanian), Tirana 2003